How Do I Connect?

We’re a congregation where the people are in charge!  We elect leaders from among the members, and we volunteer our time & talent to make it all happen.  Active leaders for 2015 are:

Moderator (top elected volunteer):  Ted Demura-Devore
Moderator-Elect:  David Bell
Past Moderator:   Linda Rich

Secretary: Frances Wong
Treasurer: Galen Fox
Assistant Treasurer: Stephen Chang

Conveners of the Mission Teams:

Nurture:                 Clara Burrows & Annette McClendon
Service:                  Kathy Triolo
Administration:    Ted Demura-Devore
Peace, Justice, & the Stewardship of Creation: Jim Howell

Conveners of Ministry Teams / Contacts for Ministry Areas:

Property Use Management:      David Takagi
Personnel Committee:              Linda Rich
Pastor Parish Relations:           Reagan Turner Bell
Adult Education:                       Lois Lee & Jim Howell
Care Ministry:                           Mark Wilson, Liz Nelson, Mary Reese
Church Camp:                          Lee Takagi
Family Promise:                       Galen Fox & Cathy Sox
Institute for Human Services Cooking Teams:     Mary Reese
Kitchen Committee:                  Liz Nelson & Sigrid Southworth
Kokua Teams:                          Liz Nelson, Lee Takagi & Sigrid Southworth
Lay Worship Leaders:             Mimi Demura-Devore
Meditation Groups:                 Jack Gillmar (Sun), Mark Hamamoto (Th)
Membership:                           Clara Burrows
Memorial Crypt :                     Carol Ohta & Janet Gillmar
Neighborhood Hui:                  Clara Burrows & Lee Takagi
Prayer Ministry Team:            Elaine Lemons
Sabeel/Israel~Palestine:         Babs Ripple
UCC Transition House:           Annette McClendon
Worship Team:                        Becca Kesler
Writing group:                         Mike Compton


Ministers:                                  All the people of Crossroads
Clergy:                                        Rev. Sharon MacArthur, Interim Minister
Director of Music:                      Angie Delight
Church School Coordinator:     Lee Takagi
Lay Associate for Admin:          Gloria Joyce Ganibi
Custodians/Groundskeepers:   Isaac & Paul Horiuchi
Ministry of Sound:                     Bill Petty
Childcare Providers:                 Elizabeth Grossman & Tina Pham