Music Scholarship Program

Program Information

Church of the Crossroads' Music Scholarship Program

1212 University Avenue, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96826-1534
Office: 808/949-2220; Fax: 808/943-6719
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Applications for auditions are available here on the church website, at the church office, and at many local music departments (including UH/Mānoa, Kapi‘olani Community College; and Chaminade University). Auditions are usually held in August and September of each year, but may be scheduled as needed when there are scholarship openings, and prospective candidates are encouraged to inquire year-round.

Purpose of the Scholarships

  1. The scholarships help students of any age further their music education.
  2. Scholarships give students additional opportunities to sing in public, both as soloists and as participants in ensembles.
  3. Scholarship recipients give musical leadership to the choir, resulting in faster musical preparation and greater flexibility in repertoire.
  4. Music scholars provide the church community tangible returns for its monetary support of the scholarship program.

Required Qualifications of Scholarship Candidates

  1. Candidates must take private voice lessons with a teacher of their choice for the duration of the scholarship.
  2. Candidate must demonstrate good vocal ability.
  3. Candidate must demonstrate developing music reading ability and have some knowledge of music theory.
  4. Candidates must provide two recommendations attesting to musical knowledge, vocal ability, experience, and personal qualities.

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

  1. Recipients must be prompt to all rehearsals and services.
    1. Sunday service (rehearsal currently begins at 9:55 a.m. but may change with notice)
    2. Services begin at 10:30am and end before noon.
    3. Rehearsals: Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Repertoire for concerts and special services is also covered during the Wednesday rehearsals.
    4. The choir year is early-September through mid-June.
  2. Recipients should offer help and musical support to the members of their respective voice sections.
  3. Recipients must sing or play at least two solos, duets, etc. during the choir year; additional solos are encouraged. You are encouraged to ask for help in selecting appropriate repertoire based on the themes and seasons of the church year. We have collections of soloists’ books and guides for your use; also ask your voice teacher for assistance.
  4. Recipients are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in the areas of promptness, attendance, attitude and communication. Recipients are encouraged to discuss with the Director of Music any concerns that may arise relating to the scholarships.

Scholarship Auditions

Auditions generally occur in August and September but may occur any time a scholarship award becomes available. Auditions are scheduled with the Director of Music and held by the scholarship committee, a small group comprised of choir members and others involved with music at the church.

  1. Interview: The scholarship committee conducts an informal conversation with applicants at the beginning of the audition.
  2. Prepared Solos: Applicants are asked to sing two songs of contrasting styles, both preferably from memory. Applicants may bring an accompanist to their audition or request that the church provide one.
  3. Sight-Singing: A short section from a hymn or choral score (from easy to moderate difficulty) will be selected to test sight-reading skills.
  4. Optional Instrument Solo: Instrumental ability is welcomed whether as a solo or as accompaniment (auditioners may accompany themselves).

All applicants will be informed of audition results. Unsuccessful candidates are invited to re-audition any time a scholarship award becomes available.

Provisions of the Scholarships

  1. Scholarships are awarded for the choir year (usually early September to mid-June). In order to assist as many students as practical, scholarships are usually limited to two consecutive years per recipient. Recipients wanting to re-apply into the second year need not go through the formal audition process. There may be an informal meeting with the scholar if the scholarship committee desires. Former scholars are welcome to reapply after a one-year hiatus.
  2. The monetary worth of each award is $150 per month.
  3. Special events occur five or six times per year and include the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, the January Epiphany Service of Light, and the February Martin Luther King celebration. In the spring, the choir participates in one or two Holy Week services leading up to Easter Sunday such as the Good Friday Taizé meditation service. Scholarship students are required to participate in at least four of these events during the season although students who enter the program mid-year will only be required to attend two or three. Participation in all special events is highly encouraged.Occasionally the choir is asked to offer gifts of music at church members’ weddings or memorial services. All such events are compensated and announced as far in advance as possible; it is hoped that scholars will be able to participate. Student musicians are often in demand. Conflicts in scheduling must be worked out ahead of time. Absences must be kept to a minimum.
  4. Choir scholars may be featured soloists in special concerts or events used to raise money for the scholarship program.
  5. Scholarship recipients are paid on a monthly basis from September-June. These award checks must be used during the period the scholarship is held and for the following purposes (in order of preference):
    1. Voice lesson expenses (includes teacher, accompanist, music books, supportive recordings, etc.)
    2. Vocal coaching expenses (teacher; supportive items)
    3. Instrumental lessons or coaching to enhance vocal/musical development
  6. Reasonable use of church facilities (piano, organ, practice rooms) may be scheduled by contacting the church office. An accompanist can be provided free of charge to recipients preparing solos, etc. for worship services and other choir events.