Past Watada Lecturers and Their Topics

2014: Dr. Anthony Iton  (coming in October of 2014)
“Social Determinants of Health”

2012: Teresia Teaiwa
“Militarization in the Pacific”

2010: Frances Moore Lappé
“Diet for a Small Island: Visioning Food Democracy in Hawai‘i”

2007: Glenda Wildschutes
“Injustice and Reconciliation: Lessons from South Africa”

2006: David Korten
“The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community”

2003: Adora Lee
“Environmental Justice Challenges for the 21st Century: How Can People of Faith Respond?”

2002: Naim Ateck
“Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation”

2000: Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez
“Youth Violence and Community Responsibility”


Watada Lectures Origins and History

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