The Watada Lectures

The Umematsu and Yasu
Watada Lectures
Peace, Justice and the Environment

organized by
Church of the Crossroads
1212 University Avenue
Honolulu, Hawai‘i

These biennial lectures are made possible through the generous support and encouragement of Kathy Watada Wurfel and her husband David Wurfel.  Recognizing the Watadas’ concerns for social justice and peace, and their love for introducing young people to the environment, these lectures will always focus on one or more of these themes. Additional gifts to the Watada Lectures Fund are welcome and will continue to make these opportunities possible.

David Wurfel, in continuing the legacy of the Watadas, believed vehemently that a critical component of work in the area of social justice and peace is education and the building of awareness His work as a professor of political science at the University of Windsor in Canada, focusing on the Philippines and other countries of Southeast Asia, has influenced and inspired many to advance issues central to this lecture series.

Watada Lectures Origins and History

Past Watada Lecturers and Their Topics