Creating a Welcoming Church for LGBTQ

Topic: The Bible and LGBTQ

Save the date:
October 7 *10am - Noon *

Too often, a few passages from the Bible are used to justify the oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning people (LGBTQ). People of faith often don’t know the historical purpose of those texts or how to respond when those texts are misused. While most churches say “all are welcome,” LGBTQ people are often made to feel very unwelcome. Thankfully, more progressive churches are rejecting oppressive interpretations of our Biblical texts, just as they rejected misuse of Biblical texts regarding slavery and women. Churches can instead provide a robust welcome to LGBTQ as equal children of God and celebrate the diversity of God’s beautiful creation.

Learn how to help your church embrace Inclusive Christianity by becoming “Open and Affirming” and “Reconciling,” in a 3-part program series on “Creating a Welcoming Church for LGBTQ.” All programs are free and will be held at the Church of the Crossroads, 1212 University Avenue in Honolulu.

Biblical Self-Defense: analysis of the “Clobber Passages,” understanding historical/cultural context, and finding inclusive messages of love and hospitality in the Bible. Jesus did not condemn LGBTQ and neither should Christians.

Speakers: Pastor Jeff Lilley (Lutheran Church of Honolulu) and Ellen Godbey Carson (Church of the Crossroads)

Discussion, model programs and input from other LGBTQ welcoming churches

Other details: Each program will include a period for discussion, questions and answers, as well as resource materials. Refreshments will be provided. Free parking adjacent to Church of the Crossroads (off of Bingham Street). Program sponsors are the Church of the Crossroads and the Hawaii Conference of the United Church of Christ. Questions/comments – contact Ellen Carson at, or call the Crossroads Church office at (808) 949-2220.