How to Attend Our Virtual Sunday Worship Service

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+++++ NOTE: - - you may need click on the blue 'Read more' below if you don't see the complete text with 'hot' links to the virtual service - - ++++++


Join us with zoom on your computer* after 10 am by clicking on this link:

You can log in any time after 10 am on Sundays. If you see on your screen: Waiting for the host to start this meeting it has not started yet, because this is a live event and a live service. Update 4/17: You will be placed in a waiting room and need to be admitted by the host, as an added security measure.

When we are pau - its pau.

More details:

We are using zoom for this live worship service. If your computer, tablet of cell phone has a camera, you can join with video. Or you call in from a landline or a cell phone and just listen (see bottom). Detailed instructions for both options are in this PDF file.

To download the PDF with step-by-step instructions click here .

If the words ‘zoom meeting’ sound scary to you, or want a zoom refresher, please first watch: Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy Online Connection on YouTube. She takes a few minutes to get to the heart of the matter, but she explains all the steps on a PC brilliantly. She also explains how to mute the mic or the camera in your device.

You may also call into the service by phone:

Call:  1 (669)900 9128 and enter 828 0792 9238# when it asks for the meeting ID (not password). Then enter the participant password# (see below). Listen and enjoy.

Since June 20202 you will indeed need a password as well to join the service, due to added security measures by zoom. The password is in the Kelly's eblast and in the detailed instructions listed in the PDF. (Sorry, but we don't want to put it here on the web for everybody to see).

Additional zoom call in numbers, (due to the very high zoom demand some numbers might be busy, so here are alternatives):

+1 (669) 900 9128 or: +1 (346) 248 7799 or: +1 (301) 715 8592 or: +1 (312) 626 6799 or: +1 (646) 558 8656

*Zoom recommends using Chrome as your browser. We have successfully logged in with other browsers with Macs and PCs.

Please look at zoom made easy on this website

Some tips that might come in handy:

If you want to join a zoom meeting on a mobile device, you must download the zoom app: 'Zoom cloud meetings' from the app store (iPad/iPhone) or your google play store. This is not optional, but a zoom pre-requisite. Please watch the video on zoom made easy and install the app first, so you can join a service with zoom on your tablet or mobile phone.

Logging in on a mobile device that never logged in to zoom: the device will ask you to download the app you need to join the meeting. Please follow the instructions and do download the app.

If you access zoom with a tablet or mobile phone it looks slightly different, depending on the system you use. We recommend you try zoom before hand, to make sure it works with the app needed.

If two people use the same WiFi network at the same time, with e.g. a computers and/or a tablet next to each other, we get a painful feedback noise everybody hears. Make sure you sit in different rooms.

Zoom's Virtual backgrounds are all the rage at the Moment. But they only work well if you have at least an i5 or i7 processor (a fast computer) or they may make you look very silly.

Want to learn more about zoom basics, please visit this website zoom made easy