An Open and Affirming Church for Peace

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Congregational Community

Congregational events take place to bring creativity and joy to community life. Events are held throughout the year to enhance worship, nurture education, and engage community life.


Those with a passion for serving others – in the community of faith at Crossroads and well beyond the walls of the church in our wider community – organize themselves through the service ministries of the Church. Inclusiveness and collaboration, bring new resources all can share.


Music is an essential part of worship at the Church of the Crossroads. The music program includes: an adult volunteer choir; organ and/or piano prelude and postludes; a wide range of volunteer and professional instrumentalists (piano, bass, violin, guitar, percussion, flute, brass); and occasionally, a children’s ensemble from the church school.

Children and Youth

Children and their families – of whatever diverse configurations – are an integral part of the worship and service life at Crossroads. Children are part of the worshiping congregation most Sunday mornings, beginning the morning in the worship service and then heading off to their Church School classes.

Peace and Justice Advocacy

Church of the Crossroads is a consciously inclusive church, open to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. The church has historically concerned itself with issues of justice and peace and actively advocates though a variety of community programs.

Environmental Advocacy

The church is actively involved in raising awareness for environmental issues, both locally and internationally. Stewardship of the earth is a tenant of the just peace covenant, and the church participates in and organizes environmental advocacy.